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    What Our Customers Say

    While we can spend all day telling you reasons why Schafer Brothers Remodeling is the absolute best at what we do, nothing speaks more to the quality of our dedicated professional remodeling results than the glowing reviews of clients we have worked with in the past. Take a moment to read through some of our testimonials then Contact Us today to add your own!

    “We are extremely pleased with the quality of work completed in our family room. Your honesty and kindness were especially appreciated and we are impressed with the final results. We also appreciate Matt’s workmanship as well as his thoroughness and neatness. We would highly recommend your company and would be happy to serve as a reference for future customers. Thank you!”
    Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Wickboldt

    “You guys are the best!! Your workers are great!”
    Mr. & Mrs. John Stoeckert

    “Matt is a very courteous, nice, hard working young man. It was a pleasure to see him again.”
    Mrs. Della Passaglia

     “Thank you for all you did last summer/fall. Excellent work.”
    Mr. & Mrs. Roger Heider

    “I was very pleased with all the fine work the men did. I couldn’t be happier.”
    Ms. Violet Pribyl

     “Mitch did a great job!”
    Mr. & Mrs. Steven Denley

    “Simon was a great foreman – working well with the crew. He was very police & professional. Everyone was very neat.”
    Mr. & Mrs. Loren Burkett

     “Very, very happy with your work and the way everyone handled the project! We just got a check back for $41.00 – the cost of the permit was less – most people would have never said anything and kept the money. We really appreciate your honesty. We will definitely be using you in the future. We are not sure if we are going to stay or move; either way we will be using you for future projects. We will also recommend you to anyone who is going to be doing work to their home. We are very happy with our roof! Thank you so much!”
    Mr. & Mrs. Mike Rowan

     “Everyone was wonderful – Thank You!”
    Denise Young

    “Everyone we had contact with were pleasant & responsive. Mitch did a great job & I was surprised, frankly, that the remodel was not much more disruptive than it was. I would recommend your company without reservation.”
    Mr. & Mrs. Bryon Thiesse

    “We are extremely impressed with the workmanship & courteous manner of your staff. Matt is a very patient man!”
    Mr. & Mrs. Sam Suter

     “Excellent work – I am very happy!”
    Ms. Nancy Streske

    “You’re neat, prompt job, as usual!”
    Ms. Mary Stompanato

    “Looks Great! Your guys are above board.”
    Mr. & Mrs. John Stoeckert

    “Thanks to Simon, Dave & Matt for their great work!”
    Mr. & Mrs. Warren Schwemm

    “Very satisfied. Looks great! You are good to work with; always concerned with pleasing use and meeting our needs. Jim, Tom, Tom & Simon were courteous, patient, never condescending, always ready to answer questions, cheerful & good to have around. Good Guys!”
    Mr. & Mrs. Paul Schnepf

    “Matt & Dave did an excellent job of finishing our garage. Thank You!”
    Liz Johnson & Randall Sass

    “Delivered as promised!”
    Mr. & Mrs. Ron Rychlik

    “Thanks for helping me make my wife happy!”
    Mr. & Mrs. Tom Ryan

    “Matt was very professional, very nice & courteous. I hope he remains part of the Schafer team for years to come. He is a good worker. Thank you!
    Mrs. Della Passaglia

    “We are very happy customers – The covered patio (portico) is even better than we had imagined!”
    Mr. & Mrs. Jerry McClellan

    “You did a wonderful job. I am not very organized. Thanks so much!”
    Ms. Caroline Lehnert

    “We appreciated your timely response to our chimney repair & the professional work of your people and others involved in the work.”
    Mr. & Mrs. Rich Kuhns

    “Thanks! Excellent work!”
    Mr. & Mrs. Allen Jensen

    “Dave is a very courteous installer. It was a pleasure working with him!”
    Mr. & Mrs. Roy Hultstrand

    “We think you did a great job & would work with you again!”
    Mr. & Mrs. Robert Graham

    “Over the years, we have always been pleased with Schafer work!”
    Mr. & Mrs. Richard Curtis

     “First class job. Thank you for taking good care of my house.”
    Mr. Roland Chidley

    “We feel Simon did an outstanding job with our new windows! We would request his services with future improvements if possible!”
    Cheryl Holtz & Ken Bauer

    “Bill – Simon was excellent!”
    Mr. & Mrs. Allen Baker

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