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    Restoration of Structural Soundness

    Restoration of Structural Soundness

    Buildings require continual maintenance. Constant exposure to the elements gradually erodes away protective coatings and seals. Exposure to moisture leads to rotting of wood surfaces and rusting of metal ones. Small leaks become big leaks. Failure of one barrier leads to internal damage and eventual internal failure.

    Building restoration requires a thorough assessment of every source of potential infiltration of the elements, followed by repair or replacement of all the damaged materials and restoration of all protective surfaces.

    Schafer Brothers Remodeling has extensive experience with these types of projects. When called upon to plan and complete a restoration, they will assess your building’s current status and develop a plan that addresses the areas of concern, working within your budget and focusing on your priorities.

    Schafer Brothers Remodeling provides many services that may be needed to restore your building, returning its structural soundness, ensuring its longevity and improving its usefulness including:

    • Design & Layout Work
    • High-Performance, Easy to Clean Flooring Systems
    • Interior / Exterior Painting & Refurbishment
    • Replacement of Doors and Windows
    • Roof Repairs & Replacement
    • Restoration or Replacement of Structural Components
    • Metal, Concrete & Wood Construction

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    Schafer Brothers Remodeling offers quick and easy project financing to assist you in getting the renovations you need at prices you can afford!

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