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    Customizing Facilities For Special Needs

    Customizing Facilities For Special Needs

    Needs change with time and buildings have to keep up with those needs in order to continue being useful facilities for new or modified functions. Perhaps your business has grown in new directions that require specialized equipment or environments. Maybe you want to expand your operations and need to modify your facility in order to provide the working space for that growth.

    Schafer Brothers Remodeling’s extensive experience with industrial renovation is just what you need to prepare your facility for specialized needs and expanded functions. We will take the time to understand the special needs that must be met, assess your building’s current status and develop a plan that addresses the changes required to critical areas, working within your budget and focusing on your priorities.

    Schafer Brothers Remodeling will turn to their many areas of expertise to create the perfect environment for your specialized facilities including:

    • Design & Layout Work
    • Office Remodeling and Partitioning
    • Building of Conference Rooms & Clean Rooms
    • Replacement of Doors
    • Warehouse Redesign
    • Flooring Modifications

    Click on the photos to the right to read more about building improvement projects Schafer Brothers Remodeling has tackled.

    Schafer Brothers Remodeling offers quick and easy project financing to assist you in getting the renovations you need at prices you can afford!

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