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Sunrooms & Decks


The beauty of nature surrounds all of us no matter where we live. Trees may fill your yard or your garden may be filled with flowers and birdsong on a summer’s day. We each feel the draw to be near the bits of nature that fill our personal spaces. A sunroom or deck project by Schafer Brothers Remodeling can create a delightful place for you to indulge in your desire to immerse yourself in a natural setting.

A deck is a wonderful addition to any home and Schafer Brothers Remodeling will build yours with newly developed materials that don’t need the periodic maintenance that wood decks do. Available in a number of natural colors to compliment your home, these materials stand up to sun, snow, rain, heat and cold without ever needing to be refinished. Following your deck installation, you’ll find yourself spending many hours outdoors enjoying warm Illinois days and evenings close to nature.

But summer isn’t the only season when we are drawn to nature. A sunroom installation can bring many more months of natural beauty into your home. Imagine enjoying cool fall mornings with their blue sky and colorful leaves, the stark white beauty of a sunny winter day, or the fresh newly sprouted green of spring, all from your warm, cozy sunroom.

A deck or sunroom addition by Schafer Brothers Remodeling will provide an inviting space perfect for reading, relaxing, working, exercising, or just spending time with your family and friends. Your new deck or sunroom will enhance your enjoyment of your home by bringing the outside world closer to you, all while increasing its value.






Your sunroom & deck project could include:

  • Replacement of existing decks with materials that eliminate the need for maintenance or refinishing
  • New single or multi-tiered decks built using maintenance free materials
  • Lighted steps & rails
  • Glass rail systems to enhance rather than block the view
  • Sunroom additions featuring
    • Lighting systems
    • Four track 75% venting windows with screens
    • Solar powered skylights
    • Natural finishes
    • Multi-selection finished flooring systems
    • Bathroom facilities

Schafer Brothers Remodeling offers quick and easy project financing to assist you in getting the renovations you need at prices you can afford!

Financing Available