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    Basement/Lower Level Remodels


    What homeowner doesn’t dream of adding useful space to their home? Increasing the foot print of a home is a major undertaking with a price tag to match. Schafer Brothers Remodeling has a better solution; turn your lower level or basement into functioning living space with a basement remodeling project.

    Imagine having a beautiful new space equipped with exercise equipment! Your basement remodeling project can turn a dark, unused corner of you basement into a warm, inviting private workout area that encourages you to spend quality time being good to your body.

    Or maybe you need a place where your children can let their imaginations run free without worrying about messes. We can create a child-friendly area with easy-to-clean surfaces your kids can claim as theirs. Pair that with a modern, well laid out laundry area and your basement remodeling project just scored big points with mom, too!

    In the heat of summer, no one wants to think about heating up the house cooking or baking! A basement remodeling project to build out a second kitchen for your house can be a real life changer for a serious cook! Having a cool place to work their chef’s magic will put a big smile on the face of the serious chef in your household.

    The types of basement remodeling projects Schafer Brothers Remodeling can do for you are endless. From a fully functioning wet bar section to defining spaces for guest bedrooms or a home office; from simply improving the storage situation to creating a state-of-the-art home theater, your imagination is your limit with a basement or lower lever remodeling project.






    Your basement remodeling project could include fully finished:

    • Workout/Exercise Room
    • Children’s Playroom
    • Guest Bedroom
    • Home Office
    • Finished Laundry Area
    • Finished Storage Room
    • Second Kitchen Area
    • Fully Functioning Wet Bar
    • Home Theater

    Schafer Brothers Remodeling offers quick and easy project financing to assist you in getting the renovations you need at prices you can afford!

    Financing Available